A complete guide for a Car video instrument

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Whether you stream video on your phone, download it to your tablet, or still prefer DVDs, you can do it all in your car and enjoy the benefit of a bigger screen and stereo sound thanks to receivers and monitors with plentiful inputs.

Now, why do you want a good video system in your car?

That’s an easy one — entertainment! Those long holiday car trips go more smoothly with a backseat video system for the kids. Or if you’re a professional driver and you have a lot of downtime in the car, you can watch movies in your dash when you’re waiting on clients.

The beauty of car video is that there is no shortage of options, but the key to having a satisfying system is having a clear vision of what you want. Putting video in your vehicle can be a straightforward upgrade, or depending on your plans, it can also be a challenging installation. For that reason it’s important to know if you want front seat video, rear seat video or both.

Car video in your dash
The easiest way to get video in your car is to install a DVD receiver in your dash. These stereos feature spacious touch screen monitors for your video playback in addition to being your system information displays and system controllers. Some car video receivers even fit in standard dash openings and feature retractable video monitors.

Backseat video
While the driver and front seat passenger cannot watch video when the vehicle is in motion, passengers in the backseat can. And they have two ways of watching:

Headrest video monitors
Headrest monitors typically come in one of three designs — you can install screens in your factory headrests; you can secure monitors to your factory headrest posts without altering your headrests; or you can replace your factory headrests with those that have screens already installed.

Overhead video monitors
Fold-down overhead monitors are popular in SUVs and minivans where there’s plenty of space. Mounting a monitor on the ceiling makes it much easier for all your backseat passengers to see the picture. Some include built-in dome lights, in case you have to mount it over your vehicle’s factory dome light.

Whatever you choose to do with car video, whether you install a complex, multi-component system, or simply mount a DVD player/monitor combo on a headrest, once you’ve entered the world of car video, you’ll never want to leave.

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